Terms and Conditions

Products and services are offered by:

Ny Tid Nyt Liv - CVR 39898640
Anneli Lindeborgh
Gardes Alle 27
2900 Hellerup

The products are delivered digitally, via e-mail, as physical courses or events.

Products can be purchased with VISA and Mastercard.

All prices are in Danish kroner and Euro incl. VAT

There is no right of return after the product has been paid for and opened. If there are challenges with the product, please contact us at anneli.lindeborgh@gmail.com

All rights to courses, workshops, events and digital products belong to Deep Roots and nytidnytliv.dk. Upon purchase, license is solely granted to use the purchased product for own use and as stated under the product in question.

It is not permitted to copy, share or pass on any content from courses or teaching.